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Process Design

Different processes in various industrial applications need lots of parameters and variables to be stored and evaluated which can be saved in order by Matpedia.

Early Design

With Matpedia Customized Engineering Data Management System, you can easily compare and examine possible alternative data at the early design stage.


Matpedia technology allows users to create their own numeric, string or viusal databases and manage these data according to user requests.

Matpedia features the best solutions for your needs

General Features

Matpedia is a unique software solution that provides a Customized Engineering Data Management System for R&D engineers, test engineers, industrial designers, product development engineers. Matpedia comes with a most used engineering materials database and offers the opportunity to display the attributes of different data contained in it with 3D graphic analysis. Develop your custom solutions quickly with data analysis research at your design stage. Ensure your traceability in your processes. Reduce your engineering costs by utilizing alternative possibilities.


Set alternative options based on your design parameters through graphical charts and comparison tables. Design engineers come up with alternative data using search criteria such as manufacturer names, standards or properties. With Matpedia, you can maintain your design by adding multiple design parameters such as physical properties, numerical properties, general properties and also test results.


Matpedia offers convenient storage and customization for all the data you have. It is the most comprehensive Engineering Data Management System software that covers various data set. Moreover it is also possible to have customized the tools and data storage. Searching for similar data based on general properties.


Matpedia software infrastructure allows users to create their own unique databases in the software environment. Thanks to the Customized Engineering Data Management System, it helps to find various data properties such as; Temperature-dependent physical properties. Acoustic properties depending on thickness. Data properties for hot and cold forming processes such as casting, welding, forging, metal stamping.


In the early design phase or in academic research projects, you can use Matpedia for appropriate data selection and comparison according to your design parameters. This allows users to see the big picture and possible risks before production. Here are some comparison parameters; Physical properties. Mechanical properties. Thermal properties.

Custom Database

Each company or research center has a huge amount of information either imported or generated. As the Matpedia team, we offer our customers to collect the entire history of their data in a single environment with the Customized Engineering Data Management System. Also, if required, we can provide comprehensive sets of databases under the database system named 'X'. Additive manufacturing database. Forging database. Casting database. Acoustic database.

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